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DSL: Domain Specific Language

Arduino is popular in decades of years. What I did is to make it easier for kids to use it. Following the step of Scratch, I implemented the sterostype on the domain graphical language for Arduino.

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Graphical Platform

QT is used to build the system. Kids just need to drag the buttons and place them in the center area, the code can be generated automatically. After the buttons are connected by arrows, we can get the code for intelligence car toy.

Demain Specific Language Design

I designed the specific language from up to down. At first, some models were build considering the need of kids. Then the code of these models are written by myself. The iteration of develpment was needed to minimize the gap between my need and users

Sensor Signal Processing

7 infrared sensors were used to get the data on path. I practiced on Arduino programming before I developed the system. The main idea was that the center sensor should detect the black line on the path while the side sensor detect the direction of turn.